He was established by the Hermitage of Saint Joseph

The hermitage is located in the Lubelskie Voivodeship, in the Radzyń Podlaski poviat

St. Joseph

About the Patron:

Saint Joseph is one of the most revered saints in the Church. We know about him and his life only as much as the Gospels tell us. Matthew says that he came from the royal family of David. He was a carpenter and – as far as the biblical record can be concluded – a righteous and good man. Łukasz writes so simply. We can only guess how he abolished Mary’s motherhood. However, he looked after Jesus and Mary with care, obeyed the law, and protected his family. When he died – it is not known. Our guess is early, because during Jesus’ teaching he was never mentioned. His role in Jesus’ mission, however, is large, because it was to him that the angel not only revealed the birth of Jesus, but also warned and led among the snares of life. His election is the best proof that he had to be an exceptional man.

The Church established two holidays in honor of St. Józefa – one of them: Józefa Rzemieślnik – is celebrated on the Labor Day in recognition of the role of the father’s work in supporting it, and indirectly in human life. We meet this holiday for the first time in the 4th century, and it started to be adopted in the West from the 8th century. However, it was not until Pius XII in 1955 that it would be the Feast of Joseph the Worker and set the date for May 1.

W Polsce kult św. JóIn Poland, the cult of St. Joseph dates back to the 11th / 12th century. Even then, it was celebrated in Krakow on March 19. On this day, today we venerate St. Joseph the Spouse.

Text from Adonai.pl: https://adonai.pl/ludzie/?id=7

In the hermitage there is a room with a bathroom, a fireplace room with a kitchenette and an oratory.