1. Creating places of contemplation

The hermitage is not necessarily a foreign place. Erem can be organized by anyone at home, adjusting the rule of life to their abilities. Adoration, on the other hand, can take place in the closest place where the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament is practiced. The Foundation also helps, if possible, in supporting parishes that have a room ready for adoration, but do not have the funds to create such a space.

2. Organization of open and closed retreats, meetings, workshops and leisure stays for Roman Catholic clergy and lay people

Each participant of this work should live a sacramental life – confession at least every two weeks, life in a state of sanctifying grace, undertaking spiritual reading (The Scriptures of St. John of the Cross, Diary of St. Faustina, The history of the soul of St. Teresa of the Child Jesus) and others – from which it is possible to create a rule of life according to personal discernment. We help in finding spiritual directors and confessors.

3. Organization of care for clergy and donors and members of the chapter

Priests and members of the chapter who are friends with the Foundation and who contribute to its development will be able to count on the care provided by the Foundation in the future. Details and conditions of care should be agreed with the Foundation’s management board.

4. Supporting hermit life by creating hermitages – hermits for permanent or temporary stay, including the so-called “Contemplative years”

The Foundation deals with the construction of hermitages and the adaptation of already existing places to lead a hermit life or a temporary contemplative stay. Any priest wishing to make a contemplative year should have the consent of his bishop and a rule approved by his own ordinary.

5. Supporting adoration and liturgical spirituality

Organizing days of recollection, disseminating information about places of perpetual or all-day adoration, help in organizing solemn liturgies.

6. Support for pastoral care, married couples and Catholic families by organizing rest, retreats and workshops

A proposal of the foundation for married couples who want to spend their vacation or leisure time is to help in organizing the vacation so that it is always living in the conscious presence of God.